Anywhere in the world…

Ever think back to a time where you were on vacation or just somewhere other than where you are right now and wish you could go back? Do you remember the details of that place so well still and daydream that you’re there? I definitely do that from time to time.

I’m very much programmed to smells and sounds. Ask any of my friends, one of my party tricks is that I can hear a song and tell you the part of a move it’s in (as long as that movie is from the 90’s and on, that is). And smells…well I have a very strong sense of smell, so the littlest scents can send me back to a past memory. When Bath & Body Works came out with their Coconut Lime Verbena scent, it was driving me nuts for weeks because I couldn’t figure out where I’d smelled it before. Then it hit me! It was the same scent as a barbie doll I’d had when I was 5 or 6 that came with a little bottle of perfume.

Today, I found myself brought back to a past memory with the smell of our coffee brewing. We brew coffee every morning, but sometimes it just sends me back to when I was younger. I often daydream about the house I spent most of my childhood growing up in. It was a gorgeous, large colonial on the top of a little hill. It was red and my best friend, and next door neighbor, would always tell people that I lived in the big, red barn at the top of the hill. It was pretty easy to find based off of that description.

That house holds so many amazing memories for me. It’s one of those places that you just never forget because of the impact it had on your life. The many summer days spent sitting in the yard talking with my best friend, feeding her what I thought were gourmet meals, but mostly consisted of Kraft Mac & Cheese and leftover chicken cutlets, family dinners around the bar, and, honestly, the memories are endless.

The smell of the coffee reminded me so much of Christmas mornings, despite it being about 85 degrees and humid outside. The anticipation of being able to go up to our family room, which was above the garage, and see the presents and stockings. Knowing that my Dad would always get downstairs, pour his coffee, and then say “Oh, wait, you can’t go up yet, I need to grab the camera.” and we’d all roll our eyes. You’d think he’d know to have it ready since Christmas comes the same day every year, but this is one of the many reasons we love him.

Our family room was amazing for Christmas. It was a large rectangular room, with cathedral ceilings, three large windows facing our road, and a beautiful fireplace. We’d always have a 9 foot Christmas tree that just towered the room and was beautifully decorated because my Mom has an amazing eye. When I was really young, I’d always beg for color lights on the tree and she always said no. Finally, the year I was able to choose, I’d realized she was right. White lights on a Christmas tree are just so beautiful.

We’d open all of our presents while my Dad took pictures of our bedhead and ridiculous pajamas. We’d unload the stockings (my favorite part!) and eat some breakfast while checking out our new gifts. There would be wrapping paper strewn about the floor, which I’m sure drove my Mom a little nuts as she’s a bit of a clean freak, but it was Christmas so we got away with a little bit more than normal. Then we’d all reluctantly put our gifts down and go get ready for Church and the rest of the day’s activities.

Christmas is always one of my favorite days of the year, and I loved those precious moments with just my immediate family before the rush started. I miss the simplicity of those times. While I loved those times in that house, I so look forward to making memories with my family in our new home over the next few decades.


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