The Most Important Guy In My Life

It’s hard to say that someone is the most important to you, but I think any parent would agree that their child is the most important person in your life. Of course you love your significant other and would do anything for them, but they probably agree that your child is the most important. Our children are growing and learning every second of the day. It’s magical and terrifying at the same time.

10365545_756147644466619_1875854077134565428_oMy little guy is amazing. My husband and I are definitely blessed. Jackson was born 6 weeks premature. What a shock that was! I woke up on a Saturday morning to my water breaking. Our plan for the week coming up was to pack my hospital bag, do a practice drive to the hospital and work on finishing up his nursery. Jackson had other plans. After my water broke, I went into labor with just a little bit of help from medication and progressed quickly from there. He was born early on Sunday morning, 5 lbs. 2 oz., 17 in. long. He was pretty healthy, but being 6 weeks early, he had to stay in the NICU for about 2 weeks while his longs finished developing and we got his eating under control. For any parent that has had a child in the NICU, they’re the longest days/weeks of your life.

11232075_826641866364_3215909344670129942_nNow healthy, aside from a mild case of asthma, Jackson’s a very happy baby. He looks like my husband’s twin, with bright blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. I’m sure people question if he’s actually my son when I’m alone with him. Although, I do think his smile is a bit like mine. He has an amazing smile where his eyes light up, his cheeks bunch up and his whole mouth is just wide open. It’s adorable and the best thing ever to see in the morning.

He loves jumping! Ever since he was about 6 months old, we bought him a jumper and he’ll just11838588_935940940110_3036585797164123948_o jump and jump for hours. He’ll even fall asleep in it, wake up and keep jumping. He’s very active, just like he was when I was pregnant with him. In fact, I had a post on Facebook that I thought he’d be a swimmer because it felt like he was swimming laps. Turns out, he loves the water! He kicks his feet, loves splashing and doesn’t want to get out.

He’s got the chunkiest little thighs from all of his jumping, although they’re starting to thin out now that he’s crawling and standing more. He’s very curious, constantly looking around. He doesn’t want to miss out on anything! It’s just amazing to see everything he does every day and all of the new things he learns so quickly.

As he grows and continues learning, I wonder who he’ll be. I hope, like any parent does, that he’s kind and values knowledge. I hope I’m able to protect him from awful things and comfort him when I can’t. I worry about everything, but try and enjoy every moment. I know my days when Jackson always wants to be with me and my husband are numbered, and I plan to embrace them!


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