Uncertainty has a play in everyone’s lives. No one is certain of everything. I’ve been certain of many things in life: when I knew my husband was the one, when I knew the house we looked at would one day be our home, and many other smaller events in life. Then, there are many things I’m uncertain of, some of which keep me worrying every day.

My biggest uncertainty in life is about my son. I’m constantly wondering about who he’ll be when he grows up. Will he be a good person? Will my husband and I be able to teach him all of the things he’ll need to lead a successful and happy life? I sure hope so, but every parent is uncertain of their abilities to do so. It’s a daunting task to raise another human being to be a functional member of society who is thoughtful, helpful and kind.

My approach…go with the flow. Because, while life is uncertain, sometimes those moments of uncertainty can lead to the most beautiful and memorable moments you’ll have.


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