I Won’t Do That When I Grow Up!

How many times growing up did you tell your parents that you’d never do what they did when you have kids, or never say what they said? How many times since you’ve “grown up” have you caught yourself doing exactly those things?

I know I do it all of the time. I remember when I was younger, I’d be shopping with my Mom and tell her I really liked a certain outfit or dress for a holiday and my Mom would say “No. That’s too old for you.” I thought she was crazy! I’d wonder how clothes were too old for anyone. It made absolutely no sense to me. Now, while I don’t have a daughter and my son is not even 1 yet, I find myself seeing clothes in a store and imagining them on my nieces and thinking “No way! They’ll look like teenagers in that and they’re still babies!” My nieces are not babies by any means, but I still see them that way and totally understand why my Mom used to say what she did.

It’s funny how people always tell you that you’ll grow up to be exactly like your parents 536992_700922888204_479603223_nand you fight that notion every step of the way. Then one day, you realize that you
exactly like your parents and you’ve done exactly what you swore you’d never do. For me, it was funny when I realized this, but I wasn’t upset. I was very fortunate growing up and I know my parents took care of me and raised me to be a good person. For me, being told I’m exactly like them is one of the biggest compliments I could ever receive.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I’ve Become My Parents.”


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