A Day in Our Life…

My husband and I work full time and we run on a tight schedule. Check out this post on Skinny Mom that I wrote to get a peek into our daily routine. How does yours compare?



The One

Have you met your soulmate or “the one”? Was there one moment specifically when you just knew, or was it the culmination of your entire relationship that made you realize you didn’t want to live without them?


I had one moment when it really hit me that my husband was the one. On my way home tonight, I was reminded of that moment when “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” came on the radio. There is one part of the song specifically:

I found myself dreaming
In silver and gold
Like a scene from a movie
That every broken heart knows we were walking on moonlight
And you pulled me close
Split second and you disappeared and then I was all alone

I woke up in tears
With you by my side
A breath of relief
And I realized
No, we’re not promised tomorrow

When Ben and I had been dating 2 months or so, I was sleeping over his apartment and had an awful dream. I dreamt that he had been shot, died and then my family told me that I’d just have to go back to my ex. When I woke up and saw that he was next to me and ok, I just started sobbing. That was one of the worst nightmares I have ever had. The thought of losing him, even that early in our relationship, was so horrible. I knew then that I didn’t want to live my life without him. We ended up moving in together after dating for 4 months and the rest is history.

How did you know your partner was the one for you?

Lost: No Crying Over Stamps

Have you ever lost something and felt like it was the end of the world, only to realize that it really wasn’t? This happened to me and my husband when we were planning our wedding. Like most many couples, I was doing most of the planning. I’m a planner, I love planning parties and figuring out all of the little details to pull everything together.

At the time, we were living in our second apartment together. We had downsized so we could start saving up to buy a house. Our apartment was about 800 sq. ft. and had 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. It was a good size for a couple, but we had the habit of just throwing things wherever there was room.

We were getting ready to start putting our invitations together and I had bought the stamps online. They were pretty rose ones, perfect for wedding invitations. One thing people forget to tell you when figuring out how much your wedding is going to cost is that stamps are expensive. We spent about $115 on the stamps and when I received them in the mail, I put them on a table. When I went to put the stamps on the envelopes one night, they were nowhere to be found.

I started freaking out! They had to be somewhere! I looked everywhere, interrogated my husband as to where he put them and was in a horrible mood. We couldn’t find them anywhere and had to come to the assumption that one of us had thrown them away. Of course, I was devastated. That was $115 down the drain! I started crying and my husband just kind of lost it on me. He yelled, “I don’t care about stamps! My Grandmother is dying and you’re crying over stamps!”

His grandmother had been ill at the time and wasn’t doing well. Sadly, we both knew she didn’t have much longer.

He was so right that stamps were not something to cry over. They’re just stamps…hardly important in life. I realized as soon as he had said it that I was being absolutely ridiculous and he put things into perspective for me.

This was an important moment in our relationship, because we look back on this moment whenever one of us is getting upset over something little. We’ll say, “No crying over stamps” to put things back into perspective. This makes the other realize that there are so many other more important things in life and to stop being upset.

Do you and your significant other have a little saying or memory to look back on that puts things in perspective?